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Welcome Everyone !

Welcome everyone to The Eternal Viewpoint. I created EVP to build a resource for anyone who is seeking more information concerning Christian Education. Along with the facts, I want to provide honest insights, opinions and reflections concerning my experiences. Receiving a call to serve is serious business and is sometimes intimidating. Knowing what to expect, choosing a school and the obtaining the most information possible in reference to your career path is essential. From my experience, direct information concerning ministry education and training is scattered throughout numerous resources on the internet. It can be difficult to find straight information with a non-objectionable opinion. This is what this site plans to provide. Straight information, straight opinions with real world feedback.

I have many, many resources that I will take from and hopefully cover many of the questions that I am qualified to answer. I am still running the race myself so just like every other student, my experiences grow on a daily basis.

God is great and he always provides the resources needed to fulfill the position he calls us to. My prayer is that this site can be an instrument for him to use and a blessing to you as well.

May the Peace of Christ be With You…

- “Dr. D”

Dominic Korzecki


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