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Accreditation: The What and The Why

We hear this word a lot during our search process. So, what’s the big deal about accreditation? Hopefully this will shed some light on this mysterious question and aid the decision making process. What is accreditation? According to 50states.com, college accreditation is defined as: “….a process of validation in which colleges, universities and other institutions […]

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How do I spot a Diploma Mill?

Are all Christian Colleges and Seminaries created equal? To answer in short, no. Sometime or another you may have come across the term “diploma mill” while speaking with someone or obtaining a reference from a person concerning a particular college. So what is a “diploma mill”? The term defines a college, trade school or institution […]

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Distance Learning vs. On Campus

Just like any decision concering continuing education, deciding where you will receive your education is an important decisions (if not one of the most important) you’ll make. All of us are pursuing an education (if you’re reading this site) but not all of us are in the same life situation. Some may be single, in […]

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Trinity College of Florida

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Welcome Everyone !

Welcome everyone to The Eternal Viewpoint. I created EVP to build a resource for anyone who is seeking more information concerning Christian Education. Along with the facts, I want to provide honest insights, opinions and reflections concerning my experiences. Receiving a call to serve is serious business and is sometimes intimidating. Knowing what to expect, choosing a school and the obtaining the most information […]

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